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Once in a blue moon
Love, the way you take it
Is giving you a thrill
But only when you make it
You come for one crazy night
And then you stay out of sight
And what am I waiting for
To hear you knock on my door
Love, the way I feel it
Should be forever
And not only when you steel it
I loved you right from the start
But I know deep in my heart
It would be better if we'd stay apart
*Once in a blue moon
My phone is ringing and you
Are telling me
That you're dying to see me
(To see me)
Once a blue moon
You say: "I love only you"
But I know befor dawn you will leave me
(Dying to see me)
(Why do you leave me)
Love, I'm very sorry
Why do you tell me
Every time the same old story
You say the not for the world
You'd like to kiss other girls
You'll stay forever this time
You'll hear the wedding bells chime
Love, I know, tomorrow
You won't be here
To kiss away my tears of sorrow
But you say: "Turn down the light
I'll drive you crazy tonight"
And once again I am holding you tight"
(Once a blue moon
My phone is ringing and you
You tell me
Once a blue moon
Tonight I'll make love to you
But only
My phone is ringing and you
You tell me
Once a blue moon
Tonight I'll make love to you)
*(Repeat 3 time)