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  • Плазма (диско 90-х) - Lonely
  • Плазма (диско 90-х) - Lonely бомба
  • Плазма (диско 90-х) - Lonely бомба!&#33
  • Плазма - Lonely
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I can see you shining
I can see you running
From my soul and heart
It's tearing me apart
It's love
Look what you have done to me, my little star

'Cause you are young and proud
You never turn about
You make me love you
'Cause you are wild and cool
You're breaking all the rules
You make me lonely

Babe, you steal my heart away
I'm a loving loser
I'm lonely
I'm so lonely

Can you hear me crying?
Can you see me trying?
I've been blind through years
Baby, dry my tears of love
Look what you have done to me, my little star

Baby, won't you be next to me?
Baby, I was stupid and blind
Baby, won't you ever be here?
Baby, won't you ever be mine?