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[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I don't really think she want me back then
She want me nowwwww
She can play games all she wants, she cannot pretend
She like my styyyyyle
I got swag now, I got paper
I'm rollin in the dough, I'm caked up
I got swag now, I got paper
I'm swimmin in the dough, I'm caked up

[50 Cent]
I was a real bum, now I'm really rich kid
I come through the hood in some really really sick shit
The Rolls, the roof gone, your flows, they're lukewarm
It's why you're not me; nah-nana-nah-nah!
She like the kid, my lifestyle what she wantin
Bottle after bottle by the bar I be stuntin
It's Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci hat
Big doofy gat hit you in your kufi hat
You know me, I told your ass in '03 "Get Rich or Die"
G-5 I fly, write my name in the sky
Pick a island on the map, I been to it
Shorty wan' try anal, her friends do it
Wrists rocked up shinin, flawless diamonds
You could hardly see the face on my Audemar time and
On that J.T. shit, me I'm bringin +Sexy Back+
Louis belt wrapped around right where the tec be at


[50 Cent]
Gettin paper's my objective, yup, now your chain gone
One false move and CLAP, now your brain's gone
You like me, you aight with me; me? I'm into me
I destroy my enemies, even if they're kin to me
Do 'em like the Kennedy's, ching-ching that's mo' bread
Say somethin slick out yo' mouth I'll come for yo' head
She likes me more than you can imagine
Bad bitch, look like she fell up out a pageant
Closest I'ma get to heaven in this lifetime
is right below her waist, in between her thighs
Call her Pussycat, that's my nickname for her
And I ain't got to buy shit or run game on her
See when I stunt she stunt, we stunt together
Oh you don't like how that sound? Aw nigga whatever
We both rock Bugarri, both push Ferraris
I go so hard in the paint, I'm sorry!


[50 Cent]
You want me? I want you
Plug one? Plug two
I'm infinitely special, girl the Lord's gonna bless you
if you do what I tell you to do
You want me? I want you
You want Benz? I'll buy two
You should want me like you want success
Girl with us together we'll be better than the best
Why settle for less?