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Winter of the ages so dark so cold that flames turn to the bluest frost
Mountains of ice rises above a dead and frozen ground
The ravens returns to the hills
And the Millenium black bells of eternal frost
Chaim through the Northern lightning

Upon the mountainside I stand
The floods of black runs below
Hair of a cold goatscalp I kiss
Eyestaken mountains still breathes
At one with the poisoned ground

Midnight darksky open up
A blast of red lightning rides the night
With doom winds death angels fly
Across a nearly closed skyline
And the sun freezes at one with the infernal holocaust frozen clouds

Centuries of doom reigned by the Goatthrone of desire
Raised by sorcery to the Holocaust sky

North black hordes storms
Through invincible cyclones of frostwinds
I lift my hands
And join the ceremonial circle of one wind
Eyes of stone now sleeps into eternal night
This winter is forever
A wind of red I rode
A wind of evil cold

For the years that have passed in the North
Brought me visions of the Goatthrone of desire

On the hillside where I stood left for another world
Tragedies blows at horizon
The sun freezes to dust

A perfect vision of the rising Northland