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(Verse 1)
You see the flashy lights
It's like a movie scene
Them stunna shades got you lookin like a beauty queen
Without a throne
American, but international

She got her hair done
Styled in designer jeans
Heels on, and her skin type Maybelline
I can't control
The way you walkin, girl, you got me gone

When I see her, my mind goes to places
I just can't focus when she's on the stage
It's the way she switches her hips with her body
Just proves she's truly the life of the party now

Look at her
She got it
Shawty knows she's the shit
You can tell by the look in her eyes
She's like the devil in disguise

When she's on the runway
Walkin down the runway
Sexy down the runway
Take a picture on the runway

(Verse 2)
The show is sold out
They say she's popular
When she comes out, everybody's watchin her.
She's got the crown
Lookin seductive, but still holds a smile

She's like an angel
I'd say she's heaven sent
From head to toe, lil mama's visual medicine you should see
This shawty's hotter than the third degree


Wait a minute
Strike a pose
Take a picture (click)
And girl I gotta know your name
Is it Mary Jane