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We're all alone on the stage tonight,
We've been told we're not afraid of you,
We know all our lines so well, ah-ha,
We've said them so many times,
Time and time again,
Line and line again.

Ooh yeah, you're amazing,
We think you're incredible,
You say we're fantastic,
But still we don't head the bill,

Wow,wow, wow,wow,wow,wow
Wow,wow, wow,wow,wow,wow

When the actor reaches his death,
You know it's not for real, he just holds his breath,
But he always dives too soon, too fast to save himself,

He'll never make the screen,
He'll never make "The Sweeney",
Be that movie queen,
He's too busy hitting the vaseline.

Ooh yeah you're amazing,
We think you are really cool,
We'd give you a part my love,
But you'd have to play the fool.

Wow,wow, wow,wow,wow,wow
Wow,wow, wow,wow,wow,wow

We're all alone on the stage tonight
We're all alone on the stage tonight