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Rio, Rio, Rio is a lovely place
Rio, Rio, Rio's got a smiling face
If you have no one to make you feel right
If you need someone to dance with all night
just go to Rio, where Gio 'll be playing for you
(Wheoe, wheoe!)

Rio, Rio, Rio's got a lot to spend
Rio, Rio, Rio you will understand
Copa Cabana, just lie in the sun
and in the evening it takes ev'ryone
to the flickering lights
many long summernights to go through
(Wheoe, wheoe!)

If I should see you there
I'd take you ev'rywhere
like many others we'd be lovers for a while
and in the morning sun
we'd dance like ev'ryone
Rio is a lovely place
Rio is a lovely place
Rio is a lovely, Rio is so lovely
You won't have much time to waste

If you go to Rio in the summer
You will always find some people there
and there'll be a crazy latin drummer
callin' you somewhere
If you go to Rio when it's springtime
You can hear a sentimental song
someone will be playing, he's called Gio
and I'll be dancing on