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Artist: Rainbow
Album: Bent Out Of Shape


Visions of artemis
Goddess of the moonlight
The spell remains unbroken
The lost and wrong now will begin the rite of the fire dance
Standing strong and steady
Waiting for the right sign
The helix has risen
Now we have no choice but to drink the wine
For now is the time of the fire dance fire dance

Black hearted woman
Creature of the deep night
Darkness in your soul
I'm hungry and searching to find the light
Now you're insight
You have control
I am in your power
The bell has tolled
I know the hour is near
As I burn with fear of the fire dance fire dance

Gypsy queen you are my desire
You are real oh that inspires me
You own my destiny
Dharuba's voice the wind is calling
I have no choice
For I am falling again and again
Oh again into the flames of the fire dance
Oh yes I am
Oh oh
Fire dance
Fire dance
Fire dance

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