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Gut knotted, you don't care
Mind rotting, through my stare
You walk away
Lifeless feeling in my mind
Bloody hands seem so divine
You think it'll go away
Cross my heart, hope to die
I lost my dream today
I lost my dream today
I lost my....
Cross my heart, hope to die
Pluck out my f***ing eye
I am broken everywhere
Loveless bastard, I don't care
I walk away
Tell me something I don't know
Tell me how I need to grow
Emotions drain
(Dream today)
YOU, you walked away
YOU, never planned to stay
YOU, you walk away, just get away, just stay away
I said
YOU, never plan to stay, just walk away, just stay away
I swear
Cross my heart hope to die
Cross my heart hope to, dear god my,
Guts knotted, showed no care
Mind rotted through my stare
You walked away
Lifeless feeling everyday
Bloody hands were my decay
You thought it'd go away