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[Verse 1:]
The world keeps spinnin, with or without me
And I know, that's hard to believe
And now I'm in a box, with nothin around me
Cuz I found a girl that'll get on her knees (at ease)
And all the while I'm knowin that my homies will clown me
Cuz I fucked her and didn't have a rubber on me
It seems I had to find out the hard way
That the girl that I found in the ground, she had HIV
Now she next to me like

Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)
Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)
Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)

[Verse 2:]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 million ways, to leave this whole wide world so cold
Stuck on my ass I been drinkin for days
And I got the nerve to put that Bonneville on the road
Got that thang on me and a couple kilos
A bag of ecstasy and a pound of that dro (whoa)
But I guess I had to find out the hard way
Cuz I done came to the end of the road
Now I'm in the mirror like

Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)
Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)
Lalala lala la lalala (suicide)

Lalala lala la lalala
Lalala lala la lalala
Lalala lala la lalala