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  • Kanye West feat. Jay-Z - Hello, can I speak to a, a, yeah you know who you are look, you had no idea what ya dealing with something on some of this realest sh-t something, something yeah. thats my bitch)) I paid for them titties, get your own it aint safe in the city

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If I ever think about you
If I ever call your name
I’ll put my empty arms around you
Let them every die away
Looking out for a sign
How can I tell what’s right
Changing my ways to spite myšelf
Cause I still want you
If I ran across your picture
If I called you bout to stay
and if I ask someone about you
it’s a habit I can’t break
Looking out for a sign
How can I tell what’s right
Changing my ways to špite myself
Cause I still want you