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Slow, slow, slow
There is something you need to know
There's a feeling I don't understand
Here it comes again

Glow, glow, glow
There was love ten seconds ago
In it's place, now a tiny pain
It comes again

There'll be rain on our wedding day
And the chapel will be mud and clay
There'll be rain on our wedding day
Gray be the sky
I don't know why

Slow, slow, slow
Easy come and easy go
It seems your ring is sliding off my hand
Do you understand?

No, no, no
In every breathe you're dragging me low
In every movement the chill sustains
Here it comes again

There'll be rain on our wedding day
Rotting roses in my bouqet
There'll be rain on our wedding day
Gray be the sky
Too late to cry

Slow, slow, slow
Slow, slow, slow
Slow, slow, slow
Slow, slow, slow